A year ago I posted an article about art and urban regeneration.

We looked at how art can play a role in helping town centres and high-streets stay relevant in the face of changing consumer habits, and disruptive technologies like e-commerce.

And I mentioned an idea we were looking at in Wrexham – a project that would transform one of our indoor markets and multi-storey car-parks into a buzzing cultural centre.

So how’s it going? Well, the idea is close to becoming reality.

For everyone

Work on the site is taking shape nicely, and the building is being transformed from the inside-out by contractors and council staff.

What’s more, we have a name.

It’s no longer just a ‘project.’ It’s called Tŷ Pawb. Which is Welsh for ‘everyone’s house.’

Now there are a couple of things I really like about that name.

Firstly, it was voted for by the public. Three names were put on the table, and this one came back as the winner.

So it was the people’s choice.

Secondly, it sums-up the ethos of the place.

The building will offer space for touring exhibitions, work-shops, creative start-up businesses, events and performances.

And the market will continue to trade in the building, with stall-holders embracing the challenge of being part of something new.

But the key point is that Tŷ Pawb will be there for everyone.

Not just for artists. Not just for shoppers. Not just for the young or the elderly. It’ll be there for everyone, and I hope people from across our community feel its benefit.

I think it’s a really exciting project and can’t wait for the doors to open next spring.

To read more, take a look at our news blog…Wrexham Council News.