I don’t often write a blog about individual people. I mainly write about events, leadership and organisational topics.

But today, I’m inspired to write about an inspiring man.

I had the privilege to attend his funeral recently in the village where I live in Wrexham.

I write ‘privilege’ because that’s what it was to have known him over the past five years – and to share in the celebration of his life with other friends and his family.

Three words summed this man up – ’family’, ‘giving’ and ‘community.’

And listening to his family’s eulogies, it’s clear these words summed him up throughout his life – from his early years through to his business escapades and his building projects, and latterly his commitment to our church and the fundraising for its much-needed roof repairs.

These three words shone out in everything that people said about him. Both throughout the service, and through conversations later in the day – as we took time to reflect on his life and how we had known him.

I recall the very first time I met him when I went to the church, having recently moved to the area. He said: “Hello…you are most welcome.” And he meant it.

And that was how he was. Friendly, supportive and always ready to use his skills and talents to help others.

It made me think, as I sat reflecting during the service, what three words would people say about me?

How would my contributions to my family, work and community be remembered? Would they be so clear ?

So my challenge to myself – and to you – is how will we be remembered?

And through this blog, I can recognise and thank this inspiring man who gave – and continues to give through his legacies – so much. And who will always be remembered so fondly.