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Anyone with a blog will tell you…some articles turn out better than others.

I’ve been running this blog for two years now.

I’ve posted over 30 articles on topics ranging from digital transformation to building sandcastles on Harlech beach.

If you’ve read any, I hope they were OK. Maybe even useful.

But maybe one of the hardest things is deciding what to write about.

So like everyone else these days, I use data to help me.

It’s primitive (!), but I try to keep an eye on the number of shares each article gets on LinkedIn.

And I look for any little spikes in traffic to help me get a feel for which content works best.

And then I write more of the same. Except I don’t. Not always.


If I was a professional blogger aiming to build huge volumes of traffic, I’d be using analytics to help shape my content strategy.

But I have a confession to make. While I do write these articles for other people to enjoy and hopefully gain the odd insight from, I also write them for myself.

It helps me map out my thoughts and ideas about work. And talking to colleagues about the articles helps stimulate a bit of creative thinking and generates new ideas.

So it’s a touch introspective at times, but it serves a useful purpose.

Now lets be clear. I’m a big fan of data in decision-making, and digitisation has given us data we didn’t dream of 10 – or even five – years ago.

But sometimes – when there isn’t much at risk – it’s probably OK to ignore it, and just follow your ideas where they take you (remind me I said that when people stop reading this blog).

So with that in mind, here are my top three articles.

Not necessarily my best articles. Or the most shared. Or the ones with the most page views.

Just the ones I like best.

– ‘Leadership in difficult times
– ‘Play
– ‘No purpose? No productivity