Everyone needs a plan.

We have a plan at Wrexham Council – and supporting the local and regional economy is one the top objectives.

So it’s great to see the #7NorthWales films underlining why Wrexham and the rest of North Wales is such a great business location.

The films are based on informal research that suggests there are five key factors that influence a company’s decision to locate itself in a particular area…

  • Connectivity (does the location have good transport links and – increasingly – good digital connectivity?)
  • Workforce skills (does it offer a skilled labour pool?)
  • Land and premises (are the right commercial land and premises available?)
  • Business support (can business investors get help from government and other agencies?)
  • Proven track record (are other businesses already thriving there?)

The research was carried out for the North Wales Economic Ambition Board, and the films produced on the back of its findings.

The films are short and snappy, and feature footage of businesses from across the region.
Take a look.

And if you like what you see, do your thing on social media and help spread the word.

North Wales is a great place for business.