In the past decade, technology has fuelled human creativity in incredible ways.

We can all capture film footage. Or take a photo and apply filters to it. Write a song and upload it to the internet. Or write a blog like this.

And we can share these things with friends and strangers all over the world.

Web-based technology has brought previously exclusive creative pursuits to the masses. And it’s pretty amazing.

But every now and then, I’m reminded of the satisfaction that comes from more ‘analogue’ forms of creativity.

Things that we think of as quaint or old-fashioned sometimes. Like knitting.

Yes. Knitting. You heard me right.

I learnt this skill from my grandma when I was little. And I still really enjoy it.

It’s therapeutic and offers a different kind of satisfaction to blogging, digital photography and so on.

And it’s still useful too.

I recently started knitting poppies to sell in the run-up to Remembrance Day this November. I get satisfaction from knitting them, and the Poppy Appeal gets the proceeds.


Knitted poppies for the Poppy Appeal.

I’ll knit as many as I can, and share the pattern and encourage others at Wrexham Council to knit them too.

In fact, one colleague from Wrexham Waterwold (our leisure centre) has promised to learn to knit so he can make one. And if he does, his colleague says she’ll give £10 to the appeal.

I’ll hold them to that.

I’m also busy knitting banana socks (don’t ask), making jam…and I’ll soon be tackling the vegetable plot in the garden again.

Home-made jam.

But the only point I’m really trying to make is that crafting and growing things by hand is still great fun.

And a welcome break from our wonderful but all-consuming super-connected world.

(ps – If you’d like me to send you the knitting pattern for the poppies, drop me a line. The more we make and sell, the more we raise for a brilliant cause!)