The internet is full of facts.

Search for facts and stats on just about anything, and you’ll find more than you can throw a stick at.

The fact is (bad pun), a lot of the claims, statistics and data that crops up is pretty much impossible to prove or disprove.

351 babies will be born in India by the time you’ve finished watching the film above.

How does anyone actually know that? Or come to that figure?

Well, I guess in many instances, facts like this begin with a rational, evidence-based figure, which is then amplified or broken down to show its implications over a period of time.

It’s a leap.

The end result is sometimes referred to as a ‘factoid.’ In other words, ‘facts’ whose evidence or logic isn’t clear. Sometimes spurious.

Is that a bad thing? Well…it depends on the context.

A lot of the time, these ‘factoids’ are used to paint a true picture. A trend or direction of travel that is – in essence – hard to argue with.

Their purpose is to tell a bigger story. I think most people understand that.

wrexham fact(oids)s

Over the next three years, an average of £1m a day will be invested into Wrexham Industrial Estate.

How do we know that’s true?

Well, we don’t. Not for sure. It’s a leap based on credible information.

In other words, we know of anticipated investment into the industrial estate over the next three years that – if divided up – equates to £1 million a day.

In reality, it might be more, it might be less, and it’ll come in spurts.

But it helps us tell a true story. It shows there’s huge confidence in Wrexham as a business location – and it brings that story alive.

Here’s a few more fact(oid)s about the ‘capital’ of North Wales.

  • Around 30% of the UK residential population and 50% of manufacturing businesses are within a two-hour drive.
  • Around 8,000 people work on Wrexham Industrial Estate.
  • Between now and 2025, the population in Wrexham is expected to grow more than the rest of North Wales put together.
  • Around 10,000 additional homes will be built in the county borough by 2028.

The figures might not be pinpoint, but they paint a true picture.

It’s a pretty good picture.

a sense of belonging?

One final thought.

I’ve always been interested in what makes people feel like they ‘belong’ to a place.

What makes me feel like I belong in Wrexham?


Well. Not really.

It’s not the facts and figures. It’s the bigger stories they help to paint.


Wrexham is a university town.

Glyndwr has around 8,800 students. More than 1,500 commercial and academic partners worldwide. And an average graduate starting salary 16% higher than the Welsh average.

But it’s not the stats and figures that stick in my mind. It’s the bigger picture they help to paint. The image of Wrexham as a place of learning, skills and creativity – a place I want to belong to.

When it comes to towns and cities, facts are disposable. They come and go.

But the stories they help build? They stick.