Confession: I really enjoy writing letters. Especially to friends and family.

I email, text and use social media, but putting a fountain pen to paper is a great feeling.

(I should make it clear at this point that I don’t have any shares in a postal system or mail company!)

I still really enjoy the whole writing process with pen and paper.

The ritual. Getting everything ready. Do I have enough ink? Is it flowing properly? What card or paper shall I use?

I make my own cards. Sometimes I use crafty stuff like material, buttons and ribbon. And then finally, I think about what I want to say…and the words flow.

I think letter-writing is quite a selfish act really, because I love receiving cards and letters in return.

Most of my post at home seems to be bills – and obviously I’m not keen on them.

But I really enjoy the post containing updates from friends and family; the warm, thoughtful ‘chatter’ created through penned correspondence. The anticipation of opening the envelope and sitting down to take in the details….noting if the style is hurried or leisurely, and all the other little clues.

I suppose that, in an age where digital communication is so effortless, it feels rather special that someone has taken the time to send handwritten words through the post.

Email, social media and so on are great. Where would we be without them? But to me, they’re not as satisfying to create or receive. There’s still a place for handwritten words.

Just listen to Lakshmi Pratury talk about the impact of her father’s letters…

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we should all go back to writing letters to each other.

But I am saying we shouldn’t forget the pleasure of penning and receiving written words.

If you would like to write to me…please do…and I will endeavor to reply (I could regret this).