This is a very simple blog post about a very simple thing: sharing ideas.

On a recent train journey to Cardiff, I struck-up an interesting conversation with a lady I’d never met before.

We talked about (among other things) education and she pointed me to a lecture on the TED website.

It was a great talk about encouraging creativity in schools. Some great ideas delivered in a really interesting way.

I really enjoyed it and – after we’d said our ‘goodbyes’ – stepped off the train feeling energised by our discussion.

It’s funny, but sometimes a conversation with a stranger can provide unusual insight.

It’s partly down to the fact you’ve never met them before, so their ideas seem fresh and new.

But maybe it’s also down to the type of conversation you have with someone you’re never likely to meet again?

There’s no sub-text or relationship influencing the conversation. The very temporary and finite nature of your connnection adds an odd sort of energy and enjoyment to the discussion. Maybe?

Anyway. Sharing ideas is what makes the world go round.

And of course, that’s what TED is all about. ‘Ideas worth spreading.’

So next time you find yourself in conversation with a stranger on a train, share some ideas.

It might be the most useful train journey you ever have!

And – if want to watch the lecture I mentioned – well…here it is: