We all need inspiration.

Something – or someone – that lifts us and makes us feel things are…well…possible.

A couple of months back, I went to a lecture at Glyndwr University by the mountaineer Doug Scott.

This elderly, grey-haired gentleman was in Wrexham to talk about his experiences on some of the world’s highest peaks.

He showed the audience photographs and told us about the challenges he’d faced.

Things like coping with two broken legs – caused by a fall. And then crawling for eight days to make it back to base camp.

He spoke of friends killed on climbs. And other scenarios of life and death and survival.

(If you want to learn more about Doug Scott, here’s a recent interview on YouTube…)

But the really moving thing was the way he talked with such matter-of-fact modesty. As though he hadn’t done anything special.

His gentle enthusiasm for the mountains was infectious. And his dedication to improving the lives of the Nepalise people through Community Action Nepal (CAN) made a deep impression on the audience.

And – while he was inspiring us – he talked about people who inspired him.

For example, a doctor from Liphook in Hampshire, who  regularly gives her time to set up and work at medical centres in remote parts of Nepal (I used to be a headteacher in Liphook…small world!).

It got me thinking.

It’s an amazing thing how one person’s actions can inspire another.

A lot of people inspire me.

People like Doug Scott.

And people right here in Wrexham, who’ve done amazing things.

For example, the fans at Wrexham FC who – through the supporters trust – helped turn the club around when it was faced with huge debts and an uncertain future.

Or local sportspeople. Like double Olympic gold-medalist Tom James and silver medalist Chris Bartley, who dedicated themselves to reaching the top of their fields.

Or the individuals behind local charities like Nightingale House , who make a difference to so many lives.

These are just some of the people that inspire me. And they – in turn – are probably inspired by others.

Like I said, we all need inspiration.

So what inspires you?