Social media expert Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is one of the UK’s leading authorities on digital and social media.

Content is still king.

Whatever the medium – blog, micro-blog, pictures, film – you still need something to say.

That was the message I took away after listening to social media expert Andrew Davis recently.

Andrew was guest speaker at the Ignite Your Business 2013 event at Glyndwr University in Wrexham.

The event was aimed at SMEs, but I had a feeling that – as a local government chief  exec – I could learn something too.

I was right. It was brilliant. And I wanted to know more. So I’ve been in touch with Andrew to talk further about his ideas around ‘content.’

“Usually I train organisations for a day or two, so getting everything across in 90 minutes – benefits and disadvantages of social media, relevant examples and simple actions – would be tricky.

“So I decided to focus on one thing that everyone in the audience could do, regardless of size – and that was building content.”

So how does Andrew define ‘content’?

“When people talk about ‘content’ they tend to focus on videos.

“Even though videos are great and I would highly recommend them, I think there are stumbling blocks for SMEs regarding creating videos. These tend to be cost of equipment, how to use equipment and what to say in front of the camera.

“Also, some people are camera-shy.

“When I refer to ‘content’ I mean anything that can go online. As well as videos, some of the types of content I made reference to on the day included text, images and podcasts.

“Text is still key, and is great for the search engines. Everyone likes to look at images and, with smart-phones being cameras, creating them is easy.

“And podcasts are becoming popular again too. They’re like having your own radio show.”

So what should people write about? Take pictures of? Record?

“If you’re just getting started online, think ‘what content can I provide to my users so I can add value?’

“Once you’ve done that, then you can think about which platforms to use. “

So here I am, creating content on this blog. And hopefully adding value to your day 🙂